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Wedding Table Ideas The Centrepiece

One of the most important wedding table ideas is the centrepiece. Believe it or not guests do not just come to look and admire the bride and groom. Although the couple are centre of attention guests also come to admire the wedding decoration, this is because they define the mood and atmosphere of the setting. There are many different types of centrepieces, this article will take a look into a select few of them as well as other wedding table ideas.

Candles Candles can create a really romantic mood for a wedding, there are hundreds of quality and thoughtfully presented candle designs to help you create the perfect theme for your wedding reception. A display consisting of bowls of personalised floating candles make a very pretty presentation, and have the added benefit of being extremely easy to assemble. Adding coloured petals to the water would also add a soft finish and using the correct colours would tie in with your colour scheme. Sculpted or simple taper candles are also a wonderful addition to any wedding table. Taper candles can be accessorised if you wish to fit your theme and are drip free. They add sophistication and elegance.

Floral Centrepieces Flowers play a huge role when it comes to a wedding and what better way to dress up you wedding table with a beautiful floral centrepiece. Whether your wedding table is long, short, large or small flowers can be custom made to fit around your whole theme including the size of the tables they will be placed on. Floral wedding table ideas do not necessarily need to be made from fresh flowers, they can look just as effective when made by handmade paper or silk. Artificial designs can also be kept by the guests to remember the day.

Flowers in vases are always a favourite, simple, and elegant. They play heavily into the mood of a ceremony so you need to think about the feeling you want to create for the whole day. Flowers are extremely traditional for weddings and really should be added to your wedding table ideas list. Chocolate Chocolate is one of the more fun ideas. Why not have a chocolate fountain or bowls of little heart shaped hearts? Did you know you can even have a moulded chocolate bride and groom centrepiece! With chocolate the different ideas are endless, you could have a tower piled high with little bags of chocolate favours for your guests to nibble on throughout the evening or to take away as a reminder.

Other wedding table ideas There are many other wedding table ideas that you can use to decorate your wedding table, confetti being one of the most common Confetti can be personalised, made from various materials and comes I all shapes and sizes. Other ideas include - Personalised coasters that provide a tasteful way of catching the attention of your guests. - Place card holders to match the theme of your wedding - Wedding cameras, providing each table with a throw away camera to capture the day - Personalised rose petals sprinkled all around the tables The list just goes on, all you have to remember that the best wedding table ideas and centrepieces are the one that are personal to your wedding theme.

Vicki Churchill is the owner of wedding table ideas, a website that specialised in wedding table ideas and other special occasion decoration

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